The Rotary Club of Pueblo West offers a limited amount of money each year to provide scholarships to those enrolled in programs at an accredited college or university of their choice.

For the upcoming school year, we will award two incoming freshmen from the pool of applicants with a four-year scholarship, totaling $6,000 ($1,500 per year).

To be eligible for a scholarship, the applicant must:

  • Be a current, graduating senior who will enter a baccalaureate program in the fall.

  • Have been a resident of Pueblo West for one year.

  • Meet baccalaureate admission standards of an accredited college or university.  (Minimum of 12 credit hours).

  •  Current High School Senior that has maintained a 3.0 grade point average or better  (On a 4.0 scale).

  •  Attach a copy of a letter of acceptance from the college or university you will attend.

  •  Attach a copy of their high school transcript (new applicant) or college transcript (renewal applicant).

  •  Submit application by April 1st to be accepted and receive funds for the fall term of the same year. The Application must be delivered and in the possession of the committee by deadline.

  • Submit a record of current G.P.A. and a verification of enrollment as soon as possible after completion of the fall semester to receive funds for the spring term.
  • The scholarship is for one year, but may be renewed upon application.  The scholarship funds are paid directly to the accounting office of the college or university selected by the recipient.

      The Rotary Club of Pueblo West provides a four-year renewable scholarship to two Pueblo West students annually.  As a current recipient, you can apply for the one-year renewal scholarship for the upcoming school year.

      For the 2018-2019 school year, current recipients are eligible for $1,500, paid directly to the accounting office at recipients school to be applied at a rate of $750 for the fall and $750 for the spring semesters.  Confirmation of cumulative and semester GPA's as well as full-time registration is required at the completion of each semester.

      To maintain your eligibility, recipients must

      • not have been convicted of a serious traffic offense (6 points or more), a misdemeanor, a felony, or any serious juvenile offense
      • be registered as a full-time student (12 or more credit hours) in a baccalaureate program for the upcoming semester at an accredited college or university
      • maintain a semester and cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
      • submit required application and supporting documentation
      Rotary Club of Pueblo West