Rotary Club of Pueblo West

There are presently no open calls for applications.

The Rotary Club of Pueblo West offers a limited number of scholarships, funded through local fundraising efforts, each year to support Pueblo West graduating seniors enrolling in programs at an accredited college or university of their choice.

For the upcoming 2019-2020 school year, we will award one incoming freshmen a one-year $1,500 scholarship.  The scholarship will be funded 50% for the fall 2019 semester and 50% in the spring 2020, subject to the renewal provisions.

To be eligible for a scholarship, a new  applicant must:

  • Be a current, graduating senior who will enter a baccalaureate program in the fall.
  • Have been a resident of Pueblo West for one year.
  • Meet baccalaureate admission standards of an accredited college or university.  (Minimum of 12 credit hours).
  •  Current High School Senior that has maintained a 3.0 grade point average or better  (On a 4.0 scale).
  •  Attach a copy of a letter of acceptance from the college or university you will attend.
  •  Attach a copy of their high school transcript.
  •  Submit application by March 31st to be accepted and receive funds for the fall term of the same year. The Application must be delivered and in the possession of the committee by deadline.

Existing Scholarship recipients can submit renewal applications each semester within this system.  

  • Submit application within two weeks of receipt of semester results
  • Attach a copy of their most recent semester transcript showing semester and cumulative GPA results.  Scholars must maintain a 3.0 GPA during the semester and cumulatively to be eligible for renewal.
  • Submit an official schedule or alternative verification of enrollment and hours for the upcoming semester.  Scholars must maintain full-time status with a minimum of 12 credit hours to be eligible for renewal.

All scholarship funds are paid directly to the accounting office of the college or university selected by the recipient.


Rotary Club of Pueblo West